Reinventing the city!

We brought the lake under your window.
The NeoPeninsula residential complex has a privileged location in the eastern side of the capital city, in the Heliade intre Vii area, cornered to the N&E by the Colentina River and Fundeni Lake. This outstanding location allows you to easily access any side of the city.

The surrounding park, spacious apartments with a lake view and the complex facilities will make your life more secure, pleasant and easy. Imagine for a few moments how you will be living here.

You will awake in the morning in your spacious apartment, drink your coffee in your generous balcony, admiring the lake view. You won’t have to worry about the little ones as the school and kindergarten are 2 minutes away. After a busy day at work you can relax at the lakeside coffee shop or have dinner at the coquette restaurant. You can enjoy your free time in the entertainment facility center or the sports center.
Now you know that NeoPeninsula is the name for your new lifestyle.