With over 40 years of collective international real estate development and construction experience, Neocity Group stands on the solid foundations laid down by its strong shareholders and management – a bond of Israel’s three most stable and solvent business groups. The group focuses on residential and commercial real estate opportunities in order to become a leading force in its industry.

Neocity Group is involved in a thorough process of initiating, developing, planning, marketing & constructing in the fields of residential projects (75%-80%) and yield real estate projects (20%-25%) which are actively mainly in Central and Eastern Europe (Romania, Hungary, Czech Republic, Poland) but also in Israel and North America (Canada).  The group takes great pride in the favorable results registered with its projects in Canada, France, Hungary, Romania and Israel.

Due to its commitment to quality through high engineering, planning construction standards, materials and highly-experienced local advisers, Neocity Group is a strong business partner. The strategy embraced by Neocity Group is aimed to neutralize speculation and minimize risk, two elements that are a major concern in the real estate industry. Thus, during the years Neocity Group gained its reputation of a trustworthy partner.